2019 is going to be our year! We can review a fantastic year, as well as for that reason we likewise look forward to the following! What are the main fads that we have to look into for the following year?

Concrete Counter tops

Although at the start of our service we primarily created concrete countertops, the last couple of years the emphasis moved to fireplace borders. However, concrete is returning in kitchen area designs! Aside from regular countertops, this additionally includes concrete tops and side panels for kitchen islands. Our sealants, either topical or crossbreed, are better than ever, providing the most effective treatment and also defense to concrete kitchen tops. Yet we obviously do not recommend to try out the toughness as well as endurance of the sealer by cutting right externally or exposing the it to acids as well as oils longer than preferable.

Raw Concrete

Raw concrete is the structure we see at concrete frameworks which are constructed from gathered location concrete, such as walls. Nonetheless, utilizing our custom-made moulding strategy, we develop slim raw concrete panels, which can be used anytime, anywhere. Our customers take pleasure in the elegance of vibrant looking, commercial, authentic aesthetic, generated and installed with the simplicity of contemporary methods.


Last but not least: we wish to present you to microcement. Microcement is a strategy of shoveling the concrete mix directly unto the substratum, either at area or in our store. It is a fantastic choice for concrete panels at intricate scenarios or smaller items, yet it also shows design and also elegance at wall surfaces and fire place surrounds. The seamless outcome looks like the art work of the installer, which adds to the individuality of the layout.

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